Below are the links to some of the articles I have published in Spirit of Change Magazine.
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Build Your Brain Gut Microbiome…And Raise Your Happiness Quotient

Brain and gut health are both necessary for us to feel happy and positive with an overall feeling of wellness.

Labeling Our Future

The FDA currently views genetically engineered foods the same as non-engineered foods based on outdated regulations and a material assessment stating that if foods taste and smell the same, they are the same.

Life Changing Digestive Health

Unfortunately, digestive distress is becoming the norm for many people today. Why?

Healthy Brains Make Happy People

It can be hard for us to make the connection between what and when we eat and how it affects our brain chemistry, but if you think of your brain as the control center for all of the neural connections in your body, you can see the importance of keeping the brain in robust condition with a healthy brain diet.