Holistic Nutrition Services


I’m Beth Colon, M.S., BCHN™, owner and founder of Holistic Nutrition Services LLC and I understand how difficult dietary changes can be. I can provide you with information, motivation and monitoring for achieving digestive wellness and better overall nutritional health. My work as a Holistic Nutrition Counselor is a passion for me. I spent a number of years as a software engineer before raising children but I was meant to work with people, not machines, so I followed that calling.


I hold a Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition. I am board certified in Holistic Nutrition and as a Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) practitioner. I continue to be a life long learner in the dynamic and changing area of nutrition and am a vetted member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. I am a member of the Wellness Round Table holistic practitioner network in the Boston/Metro-west area and have been published in Spirit of Change Magazine in print and on-line.

With over fifteen years of client experience, I will use my holistic and conventional nutrition knowledge to develop an individualized plan for you. Using your own individualized plan, you will easily learn what to eat and when to eat to feel your best. I will help you with practical concerns like shopping suggestions, meal plans, recipes and supplement options to help you attain nutritional and digestive wellness. One hour meetings ensure that you will fully understand each step of your plan as well as have all your questions answered along the way.

I have improved my own wellness over the years using holistic nutrition so I know that it is an effective way to approach many health issues. I will enjoy helping you do the same by guiding you along the path to greater nutritional wellness. Come on a journey with me that will change your life!