Get Healthy Program

  • Are you confused by the dizzying amount of nutrition advice from the media?
  • Do you constantly scold yourself for eating the wrong things but can’t seem to get away from the foods that make you feel bad?
  • Are you overwhelmed in the grocery store, not knowing what to buy or how to shop for health?
  • Don’t let corporate advertisements be your source of information about nutrition and health. Too often, advice is profit driven and may have little to do with the truth. I can educate you about foods and nutrition for energy, health and disease prevention. I can work with you so you will have a plan of action for shopping, preparing food and eating to fuel your body in the most efficient way.

    Each one of us has a threshold of how much negative input our bodies can handle be it junk food, toxicity or stress. Did you know our bodies are similar in design to humans that lived thousands of years ago when food was whole and unprocessed and stress was not a constant companion? Simple changes that you can make in your everyday eating will help your body regain balance.

    The Get Healthy Program includes menus, recipes, supplement suggestions and shopping tips as well as an individualized plan to address your own unique nutritional needs. I provide a positive foundational approach to your nutrition in order to guide you to the next level of wellness. I want you to be a success story!