Dr. Campbell-McBride
at a recent conference
  • Do you have pain after eating?
  • Are you suffering from Crohn’s disease, IBS or another digestive disorder?
  • Do you have allergies, asthma or skin irritations that won’t go away?
  • Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, depression or headaches?
  • Are you struggling with autism, ADD/ADHD or another neurologic issue?

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride continues to do ground breaking work in the area of healing the gut for overall health and explains her theories in the book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome,” otherwise known as GAPS. Her research has led to a practical protocol to help patients heal from many gastrointestinal issues which can manifest themselves in a variety of psychological and neurologic issues. Dr. Natasha has found that her program can heal many types of health issues and, in fact, she also refers to GAPS as the Gut and Physiology Syndrome.

Beth speaks with Dr. Natasha

As a certified GAPS practitioner, I can help re-build your gut heath with the GAPS program as described by Dr. Natasha in her book “Gut and Psychology Syndrome.”

I personally trained with Dr. Natasha in Boston and continue to keep up with her at meetings and conferences over the years. I have extensive knowledge of the GAPS program to share with you while I monitor your progress. The recommended program consists of specific dietary recommendations, supportive supplements, gentle detoxification and lifestyle changes to “heal and seal” your gut lining. Detoxification of the body and strengthening of the immune system is a key component of the GAPS program for improving overall health because 90% of the immune system is contained in the gut! This program will heal your gastrointestinal system, improve your overall health and allow you to eat and nourish your body without pain or digestive distress. I will take the lead and gently guide you through detailed dietary and supplement recommendations, meal plans and recipes for your individualized GAPS program. The program is a commitment to eating whole, organic foods and doing lots of cooking but the health benefits are many and the results can be life changing. I do encourage my GAPS clients to bring their significant other to their appointments so they can partner up for success!