Brain Health

  • Is it hard for you to concentrate?
  • Have you been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD?
  • Do you feel depressed for no apparent reason?
  • Did you know that your intestinal health can also affect the brain?
  • Emotional and cognitive issues can be a sign of inadequate nutrition negatively affecting brain health. It can be hard for us to make the connection between what and when we eat and how it affects our brain chemistry, but if you think of your brain as the control center for all of the neural connections in your body, you can see the importance of keeping the brain in robust condition with a healthy brain diet.

    I work with clients to address their own unique nutritional needs to improve brain health. Simple changes to your eating habits and taking steps to improve your digestion can help provide optimal nutrition to a “starved” brain. Your brain will feel positive and emotionally balanced when it is supported with a healthy nutritional foundation. Contact me to find out how you can get started on a healthy brain diet!

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