Anti Inflamation Program

  • Have you been living with lymphedema?
  • Are you dealing with any type of systemic inflammation?
  • Do you need someone to gently guide you along to greater wellness through nutrition?

There are many nutritional and lifestyle adjustments that you can make to help calm swelling and inflammation. A healthful diet full of anti-inflammatory foods can help mitigate your symptoms. The most important thing is to have a plan to follow that is individually tailored for you along with someone to monitor your progress. The Anti-Inflam Program leads you through lifestyle and dietary changes in a gradual way to quiet swelling and inflammation. Many also lose weight on this plan but if you are underweight, adjustments can be made for you. Finding a practical approach to everyday eating that will not cause you emotional stress, physical deprivation or interfere with ongoing medical treatments is paramount. The Anti-Inflam program includes menu plans, recipes, shopping suggestions, supplement suggestions and food rules for you to follow. Of course, you will have constant support and your questions will be answered. The information you will receive during this program will be with you for life! Why wait any longer to feel better?